Ecological farm where Soil, Plants, and Animals Flourish in Harmony

Hosted by Aysun Sokmen & Family

Istanbul, Türkiye 5.0

Verified Farmhouse

Welcome to our holistically managed farm. Serving soil and everything around her is a priority. Increasing the organic matter in the soil lets us to rainwater harvest and maintain a continuous richness. We are happy when our animals and plants thrive. Having had started in the year 2000, now ready to share our small heaven. We love to garden, cook, serve and share.

Ways to spend the night


What to expect


 Pet friendly                Toilets                 Campfire


 Hot shower           Drinking water        Sunset & Sunrise 


Picnic table             Cooking place              Pool

1 Days , 1 Nights,


10 People

Maximum group size


Per Person


Camping, Outdoor living, Farmhouse

Difficulty Level


Getting there

We are 72km to istanbul airport 171km to Bulgaria-184km to Greek Border-Many great places to discover either north Blacksea direction or South Marmara Sea direction. Silivri and Cerkezkoy are the closest towns. Also 100km to Istanbul city center.

Kit list

Gear/items provided:

Camping space

Modern and clean toilets

Swimming pool

Drinking water




Campfire / Fire pit

What you need to carry

Tent, tarp, or hammock

OR Caravan / Campervan

Sleeping bag appropriate for the season

Sleeping pad or air mattress


Check-in : After 12PM

Check-out : Before 11AM

How to reach

Important details you must know before preparing for the trip

Treat the soil with care; it's the heartbeat of our property. Avoid activities that may harm the natural balance.

Support our commitment to sustainability. Contribute to the organic matter by being mindful of waste and participating in recycling efforts.

Appreciate the flourishing ecosystem. Observe wildlife with a respectful distance, allowing animals and plants to thrive undisturbed.

Acknowledge our journey since 2000. Every tree, every plant, and every animal has a story. Respect the heritage of our small heaven.

Feel free to explore our gardens. If you're inclined, join in the joy of cooking with fresh produce. Share your culinary creations with fellow guests.

Conserve water by being mindful of usage. Our rainwater harvesting system sustains our property; let's use water responsibly.

As you enjoy your stay, leave no trace behind. Ensure that the beauty of our retreat remains untouched for the next visitors.

Take a moment to reflect. Breathe in the fresh air, savor the local flavors, and appreciate the unique experience our property offers.

Cancellation Policy

Friendly host

Guest cancels booking less than 7 days (but more than 24 hrs) prior to checkin day and time: Guest will receive 75% of the booking amount.

Guest cancels booking >= 14 days prior to checkin day and time: Guest receives 100% booking amount

 3,400/Per Person