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What is sneakout camping?

Sneakout camping is a platform where landowners can safely and easily rent out their space to outdoor lovers and adventure seekers. We help campsites, glampsites, and anyone with a farm, garden, or driveway to list and host their property, earn money.

What can you put on Sneakout

Pitches for tents

Host camping tents in your backyard or on a larger piece of land.

Pitches for vehicles

Let campervans, motorhomes and caravans settle in after their journey.


Welcome guests in any accommodation, such as a bell-tent, cabin or tree house.

How does it work?

Creating your listing is easy and completely free!

Describe your property, tell campers a few details about your surroundings, set up your personalised rules, fill out details about the camp space, that’s it!

Upload the best photos of your offering !

Photos and a well-written description are the #1 reason for picking one place over another. Make sure to click some awesome pictures of your property and upload it on sneakout. No one will dare to skip your listing !

Get paid !

Sneakout offers a seamless hosting experience to the hosts. Payments are released immediately after guest checks-in. We take a small commission of 9% on bookings to keep building the best possible platform and get you more bookings.

We believe in safety and sustainability

Together, we want to create a safe space for our community. We believe it can be built on the foundation of the mutual love for nature that landowners and campers share. However, we know the world isn’t perfect. Strictly adhere to all the local laws while hosting. Make sure we don’t disturb the nature and the surrounding in any possible way. Sneakout allows you to rate and also report all your guests !

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t have a toilet available, you can start welcoming campers with motorhomes, caravans, campervans, and boats. If you would like to welcome other campers, it is strongly recommended that there are toilet facilities available. This ensures the disposal of human waste is done in a way that’s legal and environmentally friendly.

We welcome every kind of space on Sneakout. A grassy camping site in your backyard or your farmland, an open land to park RV and camper vans which gives a beautiful view of sunset, a rooftop where guests can pitch their tents and have a great time, a cabin in the woods, two trees to hang a hammock between, your luxurious treehouse: it’s all perfect. If you have a piece of land, a campsite or a glampsite - you can do it.

It’s 100% free to register as a host and create listings on Sneakout. Once you start hosting, Sneakout takes a commission fee per booking made through our platform. As we take our social responsibility to promote travel seriously and want to encourage adventurers to explore their local nature. We only charge a 9% commission fee for hosts.

One major rule: be accurate. Setting the right expectations leads to great reviews and avoids disappointment by your guests. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Fill in all sections and add a comprehensive and accurate description. Mention details that could be appealing to campers, what makes your spot and/or accommodation unique, accessible facilities, and things to do and see nearby.
  • Set the correct address and don’t forget to mention exactly how to get there - if you need to take a boat or leave the car behind to travel the last 2 km by foot, it’s important that people know.
  • Upload high-quality pictures. Pictures are the #1 reason for picking one place over another. Don’t hesitate to add in at least 10 photos to show your spot and/or accommodation as well as the surrounding environment and little details you might want to highlight. Put yourself in the campers’ shoes and imagine whether or not your pictures would make you want to book the spot yourself.

As a Sneakout host, you can choose between 4 different cancellation policies. The cancellation policy corresponds with the check-in date and time. You will know about these 4 cancellation policies when you start listing.

Important note: When a host accepts a booking, they are committed to honoring it. Because of this, there is no cancellation policy for hosts. If it is absolutely necessary to cancel a booking - as a result of an acute illness, accident, or death in the immediate family - please reach out to us by clicking the orange button in the bottom right corner, or by emailing us at info@sneakout.in. In this case, full amount will be refunded to the guest.

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