We welcome every kind of space on Sneakout. A grassy camping site in your backyard or your farmland, an open land to park RV and camper vans which gives a beautiful view of sunset, a rooftop where guests can pitch their tents and have a great time, a cabin in the woods, two trees to hang a hammock between, your luxurious treehouse: it’s all perfect. If you have a piece of land, a campsite or a glampsite - you can do it.

It’s 100% free to register as a host and create listings on Sneakout. Once you start hosting, Sneakout takes a commission fee per booking made through our platform. As we take our social responsibility to promote sustainable travel seriously and want to encourage adventurers to explore nature. We only charge a 9% commission fee for hosts.

If you are renting out a space for tents or hammocks, it is strongly recommended that there are toilet facilities available to campers.If you don’t have a toilet available, you can start welcoming campers with motorhomes, caravans, campervans, and boats. We must ensure the disposal of human waste is done in a way that’s legal and environmentally friendly. Also, safety and privacy of campers are of paramount importance.

No. You can also host any eco-friendly properties which have a considerably less carbon footprint per guest per night. Eco-resorts, eco-lodges, off-the-grid properties, cabins, treehouses, house boats etc can be listed on sneakout for accommodation.

Sneakout invites any kind of outdoor adventure sports to be listed on our platform. This could be water sports, scuba diving, kayak adventures, rafting, trekking and hiking, wildlife safari, cycling, mountain biking, bungee jumping, skydiving, summits and the list goes on ! You can also make customised packages with multiple day itineraries. Checkout our hosting section to know more and start hosting.

For landowners who want to host their land for camping, depending on the location of your land you might need a permit before being able to rent it out. We recommend you consult all relevant laws and regulations, as these tend to differ per location. Official government websites are the best places to get this information. Other already established campsite owners and adventure companies ensure timely renewal of mandatory permits and follow safety and sustainable practices round the clock.

We can’t promise you’ll become a millionaire. But if you are interested in sharing your unique space, outdoor experiences and help connecting people with nature, while earning a bit of extra revenue, you’re in the right place. As a Sneakout host, you have complete control over your financial experience by choosing your price, number of listings, and availability. If you’re unsure what the price of your listing should be, we suggest making it comparable to similar spots listed in your area, or choose an amount you feel is fair.

One major rule: be accurate. Setting the right expectations leads to great reviews and avoids disappointment by your guests. Here are a few recommendations: Fill in all sections and add a comprehensive and accurate description. Mention details that could be appealing to campers, what makes your spot and/or accommodation unique, accessible facilities, and things to do and see nearby. Set the correct address and don’t forget to mention exactly how to get there - if you need to take a boat or leave the car behind to travel the last 2 km by foot, it’s important that people know. Upload high-quality pictures. Pictures are the #1 reason for picking one place over another. Don’t hesitate to add in at least 10 photos to show your spot and/or accommodation as well as the surrounding environment and little details you might want to highlight. Put yourself in the campers’ shoes and imagine whether or not your pictures would make you want to book the spot yourself.

Sneakout’s mission is to make it easy for nature enthusiasts to find and book their next great outdoor adventure by connecting them directly with private and commercial landowners, campsite owners, adventure companies and other small or medium size outdoor adventure service providers. If you have land, a caravan, a driveway, campsite, glampsite, sustainable getaways, eco-resorts or just two trees to hang a hammock between, you’re the perfect fit for sneakout camping. Adventure activities can also be listed on sneakout easily, after considering your experience, safety measures and other prerequisites . Become a host by listing your property or outdoor adventure on our platform. We take care of other details - like pre-verifying users and listings, providing a safe space for communication through our messaging platform, and ensuring secure payment processing - so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy connecting with the sneakout community

Creating a listing is the easiest thing you’ll do today. Just click “Become a host” in the top right corner of this page, and we’ll guide you through the rest. If you need help or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing us at host@sneakout.in.

For camp hosts: If you have a large land or multiple plots of lands, you can list them one at a time. For ex: Large plot of land can be used as an RV park where RV and campervan camping can be hosted. A small plot of land can be used to invite guests with tents, hammocks and other camping gear. You can also host your rooftop or balcony for guests to pitch tents or hang hammocks. Rooftop parties also can be hosted, as per your convenience. Each of these hostings can be listed separately on sneakout. This enables you to invite guests with different camping ideas. For provided accommodation hosts: If you own any kind of shared accommodations or private rooms/tents, you can list them on sneakout. Private rooms are mostly booked by couples or families or solo travellers who prefer single occupancy. You can list them along with shared rooms/tents. Shared room pricing can differ as per the number of people sharing one room, this can be entered separately while listing (we have given multiple options to choose from). Or you can host one room with 10 sharing separately and another room with 8 sharing separately etc. Make sure you upload good pictures of your property. For adventure hosts: You can host one adventure as one listing or you can club multiple adventures as a package. Adventure activities spanning multiple days can be hosted with day wise itineraries, food, accomodation and other detailed information about the adventure activity you have in offer. A simpler short duration adventure activity, for example: one hour kayaking, bungee jump, zip lining can be hosted without the need to enter itinerary or food or accommodation.

As a Sneakout host, you can choose between 4 different cancellation policies. The cancellation policy corresponds with the check-in date and time. You will know about these 4 cancellation policies when you start listing. Important note: When a host accepts a booking, they are committed to honouring it. Because of this, there is no cancellation policy for hosts. If it is absolutely necessary to cancel a booking - as a result of an acute illness, accident, or death in the immediate family - please reach out to us by emailing us at hello@sneakout.in. In this case, the full amount will be refunded to the guest.

Sneakout is an amazing community of respectful nature and outdoor adventure lovers. However, we understand that on some rare occasions, things can go wrong. We want your experience as a Sneakout host to be enjoyable. Make sure that your guests have knowledge of your personal land rules prior to arrival. This can be ensured by listing out rules while listing your outdoor camping and adventure experiences. If you are experiencing an emergency regarding your safety or your guest’s, please call the local hospital or authorities for help.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? We’re here to help. Reach out by emailing us at host@sneakout.in. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sneakout is a peer-to-peer platform where you can find hosts hosting campsites, RV parks, glamp sites, hammock camping, other eco-friendly accommodations like eco-resorts, eco-lodges, off-the-grids etc. and most amazing outdoor adventure sports around. The listings on sneakout are handpicked considering the sustainable practices followed there. The goal is to build a responsible sustainable travel community. In sneakout you can search for an outdoor adventure or accommodation near you or at any given location. Alternatively, you can check out sneakout categories, where outdoor activities and travel destinations are categorized in a certain way so that it is easier for you to find what you are looking for. You can also view each listing and understand the offerings and facilities available there. Booking can also be done online. Sneakout would like to help you discover your next travel adventure. You can also become a host on sneakout if you have an empty land or property or an adventure activity. Checkout our hosting section for more details.

Sneakout provides hosting solutions for campers who have camping gear with them. The only requirement for such campers is to find a safe place to pitch their tent or hang hammocks. Sneakout enables anyone with an empty land or space to become host and invite guests to their property. You, as a camper, can search for such campsites and make a reservation as per your convenience. Even a private rooftop or a balcony could be your next camping spot !

Yes. Sneakout has handpicked hosts who have campgrounds with equipped tents and sleeping bags. You can find such camping spots under “campsites with equipped tents”. There are many such campsites in India, which could be just a drive away for you.

RV camping culture is in an early stage in India. But it is one of the most amazing ways to enjoy the outdoors and road trips. Sneakout allows hosts to host their private empty land where a large caravan / RV or a smaller campervan can be parked. These hosts will invite guests to park their vehicle overnight (check-in to check-out) at reasonable prices. While you are on a roadtrip in your RV or campervan, you can find such places enroute on sneakout to park your vehicle and have a good time. Make sure to checkout sneakout while you plan your next RV road trip. Alternatively, you can consider hosting your RV/Campervan. You can do this in two ways. First, you can rent out your RV with a driver to guests for any particular period of time as per their requirement. Secondly, you can allow guests to sleep over in your RV/Caravan/Campervan for a night or more and the vehicle will be stationed at your place. You can earn rental income through such bookings on sneakout. Checkout our hosting section to know more.

It has been strongly recommended that hosts make toilet facilities available to campers, but make sure to double-check before making a booking. This ensures the disposal of human waste is done in a way that’s legal and environmentally friendly, so please use facilities if they’re available. For RVs and caravans which already have a toilet inside, toilet facility at the campsite is not mandatory.

You can also find cabins, treehouses, houseboats, off-the-grid properties, homestays, cottages, domes, eco-resorts, or any other property which follows sustainable practices round the clock.

Outdoor adventure sports can be quite thrilling and exciting. And that’s what sneakout offers - amazing moments that you can never forget. Indulge yourself into crazy adventures while you travel to places. Sneakout helps you find professionals who offer such amazing adventure sports in India. These professionals will host their adventure activities on sneakout which you can browse through, learn more about it, make up your mind and make an online booking. There is a long list of adventure sports listed on sneakout. You can follow your heart and make it beat faster with all the thrills and adventures!

Sneakout has four types of hosts when it comes to cancellation policy. You can see this when you see details of any listed campsites or accommodation or adventures. Super friendly Guest cancels booking less than 24 hrs prior to checkin day and time: You will receive full booking amount. Guest cancels booking >= 24 hrs prior to checkin day and time: You will not receive booking amount. Friendly Guests cancel booking less than 7 days (but more than 24 hrs) prior to checkin day and time: You will receive 25% of the booking amount. Guest cancels booking >= 14 days prior to checkin day and time: You will not receive booking amount. Strict Guest cancels booking less than 14 days prior to checkin day and time: You will receive a full booking amount. Guest cancels booking >= than 14 days prior to checkin day and time: You will not receive booking amount. Very strict Guest cancels booking less than 30 days prior to checkin day and time: You will receive full booking amount. Guest cancels booking less than 60 days and at least 30 days prior to checkin day and time: You will receive 50% of the booking amount.

There’s nothing like sitting around a roaring campfire after a day of adventuring, swapping stories and soaking in the warmth of the dancing flames. But lighting a fire outside is something that can be heavily regulated. Lighting a fire must be supervised at all times. We don’t want to be a reason for a forest fire ! Checkout if the host allows you to set up a campfire before you make a booking. Usually, other professional campsites will have fire pits.

Creating an account as a camper/traveller in sneakout is the easiest thing you’ll do today. Just click “Login” in the upper right hand side of the sneakout homepage, and we’ll guide you through the rest. You can easily sign up using your email ID and mobile number. If you need help or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing us at hello@sneakout.in.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? We’re here to help. Reach out by emailing us at hello@sneakout.in. We will get back to you as soon as possible.