A Magical Journey from Suryanelli to Kolukkumalai: A Travel Blog by Adventurous Mallu Girls

A Magical Journey from Suryanelli to Kolukkumalai: A Travel Blog by Adventurous Mallu Girls

Imagine five adventurous girls, armed with a spirit of wanderlust and a thirst for thrilling experiences, coming together to plan an unforgettable road trip. Their destination? The enchanting hill station of Kolukkumalai, nestled amidst the majestic Western Ghats of Kerala, India. With Cochin as our starting point, we intrepid travellers set out on a journey filled with scenic beauty, winding roads, and the promise of exploring one of the highest tea plantations in the world. Join us as we unravel the tale of their epic road trip, a remarkable adventure that brought them closer to nature and created memories to last a lifetime.

Cochin to Suryanelli

To kick-start our adventure, we first made our way to Suryanelli from Cochin. Getting there was an adventure in itself, as we drove through winding roads surrounded by lush greenery and mist-covered hills. The journey to Suryanelli from Munnar was a feast for the eyes, setting the stage for the thrilling experience that awaited us. The distance from Cochin to Suryanelli, with a stop at Munnar, is approximately 150 kilometres (93 miles). The route typically involves driving from Cochin to Munnar first, which is around 130 kilometres (81 miles), and then continuing from Munnar to Suryanelli, which adds an additional 20 kilometres  (12 miles) to the journey. The scenic drive from Cochin to Munnar takes you through picturesque landscapes, including tea gardens, waterfalls, and rolling hills, offering a glimpse of Kerala's natural beauty. From Munnar, the road to Suryanelli further unfolds amidst lush greenery and mist-covered mountains, adding to the charm of the journey.

Camping and jeep ride

Once we arrived in Suryanelli, we were eager to book a jeep for the exhilarating ride to Kolukkumalai. Jeep booking is crucial for this journey, as the rugged terrain and steep inclines require the expertise of experienced drivers. We found several reliable jeep operators in Suryanelli who offered guided tours to Kolukkumalai, ensuring a safe and enjoyable adventure. However, we made a pre booking of camping with a Kolukkumalai trip for Rs.1800 per person which included a jeep ride to Kolukumali peak, dinner and breakfast. After checking-in to the campsite by 4pm, they took us to a small trek to nearby sunset viewpoint. We had a yummy dinner and a good time at the campfire with music and an early bed time as we had to wake up early morning to catch sunrise at the Kolukumalai peak!

Sunrise at Kolukumalai peak

As we embarked on our ascent towards Kolukkumalai, we were immediately captivated by the breathtaking vistas that unfolded before us. The winding roads took us through dense forests, misty valleys, and vibrant tea plantations, creating a picturesque backdrop at every turn. The fresh mountain air and the aroma of tea leaves added to the overall charm of the experience, making us feel invigorated and alive.

Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

The highlight of our journey was undoubtedly the enchanting Kolukkumalai Tea Estate, nestled at a staggering altitude of approximately 7,900 feet. This historic tea estate offered panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys, leaving us in awe of its beauty. We took a guided tour of the estate, learning about the tea production process and interacting with the local tea pickers. The warmth and hospitality of the people added a personal touch to our visit, making it even more memorable.

A must-visit during our time in Kolukkumalai was the renowned Kolukkumalai Tea Factory, known for its traditional tea processing methods. We explored the factory, witnessing the intricate steps involved in creating the perfect cup of tea. As avid tea lovers, we indulged in the flavours of freshly brewed tea, savouring its unique taste and understanding why it's considered the "champagne of teas."

It's important to note that the weather in Kolukkumalai can be unpredictable, with temperatures dropping significantly at higher altitudes. So, we made sure to pack warm clothing to stay comfortable during our visit.

In conclusion, our journey from Suryanelli to Kolukkumalai was nothing short of magical. As a group of adventurous girls, we cherished every moment of this unforgettable travel experience. From the scenic drive to the thrilling jeep ride, and the immersive tea estate visit, it was a journey that exceeded our expectations. If you're seeking an adventure that combines natural beauty, adrenaline, and tea heritage, Suryanelli to Kolukkumalai is the perfect route to explore.

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