Top 10 Spots for Camping Near Bangalore

Top 10 Spots for Camping Near Bangalore

Calling all Bangalore-based nature lovers! Craving a quick escape into the wilderness without venturing too far? Look no further! We've curated a list of the 10 ultimate camping spots within a 200km radius of Bangalore, perfect for a rejuvenating weekend or a thrilling escape. From the tranquil banks of the Kabini River to the majestic peaks of the Western Ghats, these diverse locations offer something for every camping enthusiast.

1. Kabini River Camping – A Sneakout Adventure

Just a few hours' drive from the city, the Kabini River Camping site (Sneakout Kabini River Camping) offers an immersive experience in the heart of nature. Wake up to the sounds of the river and enjoy activities like kayaking, bird watching, and wildlife safaris.

2. Ramanagara – The Rock Climbing Haven

Famous for its rocky terrain and as the shooting location for the iconic movie 'Sholay', Ramanagara is not just a climber's paradise but also a great camping spot. It's only 50km from Bangalore, making it ideal for a quick getaway.

3. Anthargange – The Cave Exploration Base

Anthargange's mysterious caves and night treks are a must-experience for thrill-seekers. Located about 70km from Bangalore, it offers a unique combination of camping and spelunking.

4. Sakleshpur – The Coffee Land

Nestled in the Western Ghats, Sakleshpur is a haven for campers who love the aroma of coffee and spice plantations. At around 220km from Bangalore, it stretches a bit beyond the 200km radius but is worth the extra mile.

5. Bheemeshwari – Along the River Cauvery

Bheemeshwari is about 100km from Bangalore and is a perfect spot for fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers. Camp by the riverside and enjoy the tranquil environment.

6. Nandi Hills – The Sunrise Point

Just 60km from Bangalore, Nandi Hills offers campsites with breathtaking views, especially at sunrise. It's an ideal location for both beginners and seasoned campers.

7. Kanakapura – The Nature Adventure

With its lush green landscapes and a large reservoir, Kanakapura is about 60km away and provides a refreshing outdoor camping experience.

8. Coorg – The Scotland of India

Coorg, though slightly more than 200km away, is a popular camping destination for its misty hills, coffee estates, and rich Kodava culture.

9. Chikmagalur – The Hill Station Retreat

Famous for its hilltops and coffee, Chikmagalur is a camping spot that offers a blend of tranquility and adventure to the visitors.

10. Wayanad – The Green Paradise

Crossing the state border into Kerala, Wayanad is a bit of a stretch at about 280km but is an idyllic spot known for its dense forests and wildlife.

Host Your Land with Sneakout

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Whether you're seeking a peaceful weekend or an adventurous escape, these camping spots near Bangalore offer something for every camper. Remember to pack your gear, leave no trace, and immerse yourself in the beauty of these natural retreats. And if you're interested in sharing the joy of camping with others, consider hosting your land on Sneakout.

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